Our masks have been made with colourful fabric some of which we use for our clutches and handmade in our Melbourne studio. They are made from a tight weave cotton or cotton/linen blend with a cotton lining and are 100% reusable. 

• Outer layer - 100% cotton or cotton/linen blend 

• Lining - 100% cotton (NB: we generally use spots or stripes and it will be a lucky dip)

They are a fitted style that cover the nose and fitted all the way under the chin. A piece of bendy wire has been sewn between the two layers so it's invisible and can be manipulated to fit snugly over your nose. There are elastic loops that go over your ears with an adjustable rubber cord lock.

Measurements when lying flat closed (not including elastic):

13.5cm (width)

15cm (length)

NB: The green gingham may have a gradient of greens or a mix of green and blue.

Hand wash in cold water. Do not dry in a dryer, this may shrink the elastic. If ironing is required best done with fabric over it, avoiding the wire area and do not iron the elastic as this may make it shrink. 

Please make sure you wash your mask after each use. Also remember that these masks are not surgical grade or considered PPE (personal protective equipment). 

Please note that these masks are made to order and we will get them in the post, at the latest, 7-10 business days. 

Thanks :)